For their school science fair project, kid geniuses Tor Frankenstein and her best friend, Owen, have decided to do the impossible: to bring back the dead. Their efforts are futile until one stormy night, when Tor accidentally hits a boy with her car. She tries to save him, but by the time she cradles his broken skull in her arms, he is dead. In a last ditch effort, Tor brings the boy back to the makeshift laboratory in her basement and, with the help of Owen, manages to reanimate the body. It’s a miraculous scientific breakthrough... that nobody can ever know about. Tor names the undead boy Adam and decides to continue her project by testing to see if he can successfully live a normal teenage life. Adam is reborn with a blank slate, so Tor has to teach him the tropes of being a high school student. All of the other students at Hollow Pines High (including Cassidy Hyde, Paisley Wheeleright, and Kyle Knox, the trio of the popular crowd) are captured by Adam’s dashing good looks and natural football skills, making Tor’s job to keep him under the radar that much more challenging. As Tor and Owen try to keep Adam’s true identity under wraps, a serial killer is on the loose in Hollow Pines, and rumors begin to fly about Adam’s involvement in the crimes. Is Tor’s teen Frankenstein a murderous monster or just a confused high school jock? Tor and Owen do their best to deflect these accusations against Adam, all the while attempting to uncover their Franken-project’s mysterious past before anyone else does.

High School Horror: Teen Hyde Coming Soon!