“My Crazy Beautiful Life” is a no-limits documentary series following multi-platinum pop star Ke$ha as she tours the world off of her record-breaking first album Animal, then writes and records her highly-anticipated second album, “Warrior”. “My Crazy Beautiful Life” will present a truly authentic perspective on what it’s like to be a global pop-sensation in their prime. As the story unfolds, the audience witnesses a coming-of-age story in real time as Ke$ha fights to overcome challenges and hold onto her childhood dream while meeting her own high expectations. The audience views this incredible journey through the eyes of Kesha’s brother and closest confidant, Lagan Sebert, an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose cameras capture everything in an uniquely intimate and genuine way. Take a two year-long, whirlwind journey around the world with Ke$ha, and experience her crazy, beautiful life for yourself.