A few months ago, filmmaker Kevin Smith announced that his next movie would be Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, a sequel to his 2001 comedy Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Some fans were left somewhat confused, though, since many thought that his next movie would be the conclusion to his True North trilogy, Moose Jaws. As it turns out, the filmmaker isn't abandoning that project at all, taking to Facebook Live earlier today to reveal the first sales artwork for the movie, as it starts to seek funding. Now it seems that this project will come together after Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, which begins production this fall. Kevin Smith revealed this Moose Jaws artwork during a Facebook Live video, where he explained how he has been "building" the story for awhile, and that his old friend Tony DiSanto, who runs DIGA, will help the director get financing for this final True North trilogy movie. To help do that, they came up with a sales poster to help sell the movie, which was unveiled during this 10-minute live video. Here's what the director had to say before unveiling the poster.

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